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Our Mission & Goals

Our mission is to change people´s perceptions as well as their driving habits to finally make the electric car cool. While the most people understand that our current concept of a car is not sustainable in the long term, far too many people resist making the logical switch to electric cars for a variety of reasons. We want to hot wire their internal wiring by cross-wiring rational analysis with emotions.

Our three-fold goal is to make our Nobe upgradeable, recyclable and sustainable as we bring about an end to the disposable car.

First, as the Nobe´s batteries get better and better, we will make it easy for customers to upgrade their batteries. Ditto for the Nobe´s motor and electronics.

Second, as the Nobe´s exterior Nextene panels get worn or damaged – or maybe our customer just wants to change the color of their car – they will be able to swap their exterior panels and send their old panels to us to be recycled. We will then convert their old panels into new parts from seats to convertible roofs and more.

Third, we will not knowingly add scrap to scrapyards. We will never take a Nobe to a scrapyard.


Nobe Models

Nobe 100

Three wheel drive

Range: 210 km

Top speed: 110 km/h


Max Power: 54 kw

Max Torque:  825 Nm

Main battery: 21 kwh Li-On

Air conditioner

Windows: Electric

Nobe 100 GT

Three wheel drive

Range: 260 km

Top speed: 130 km/h


Max Power: 72 kw

Max Torque:  1050 Nm

Main battery: 25 kwh Li-On

Air conditioner

Windows: Electric


Panoramic removable sunroof

Nobe Vision Statement

Mainstream cars have just become too soulless, common and mundane. To add insult to injury, the average LEVs doesn´t look very exciting either as few are particulary elegant. We are going to change all that. Here´s how:

Two years ago, wet set out to build a modern classic:

We wanted to build a car that would make everyone stop and look – in the exact same way that everyone stops and looks at an old VW Beetle and gets those warms feelings inside.

We also wanted to build a car that was both agile and practical as well as easy to park and fun to drive.

When Jason Torchinski praised our Nobe on his famous Jalopnik site, we knew that the car we wanted to build was exactly right. As of today, over 20 million people have read 500 plus stories about our Nobe.

Our biggest challenge – getting Nobe´s design exactly right and build the first running Nobe 100 car – is now done.


And so now it´s time to put Nobe out on the streets.

To start small series production of Nobe 100 car we´ve assembled a great team of specialists – each one of them a graduate of Tallinn´s University of Technology – and each one of them a professional with extensive experience in building electric vehicles.

The entire world is watching as electric vehicles continue to evolve. While the established giants may still be driving the autmotive markest today, I am confident that our team at Nobe is uniquely positioned to launch small series production of the very first -vintage – light electric vehicle (LEV) today.

So – let´s do it!

Roman Muljar, CEO Nobe Cars

Imagine if, after the Second World War, the Germans, English, and Italians could all agree on a vehicle design concept. Then, to make it happen, they went to Estonia and made a prototype. This might seem like an alternate universe kind of story, but it’s (with some delay) what happened with the Nobe.

About Nobe


Innovation right down to the battery - both of them

Setting Nobe a bit more apart from the rest is the innovative dual-battery system found in each automobile we make. With the main battery putting the power behind each three-wheeled classic a separate battery provides power for the supporting systems such as light, heat, and the ever present radio so you never miss a tune or turn along the way.


Well, that’s odd?

Yes, it is. You’ve already noticed that we only have three wheels. The false story is that we just lost a wheel the day we going to make the car and didn’t have time to get a new one. The true story is the homage we’re paying to the Benz Patent-Motorwagen rolling way on back to 1885.


All-Wheel Drive System

Every Nobe on the street comes standard with an All-Wheel Drive System to ensure safety in all conditions. There is no need to sacrifice handling and grip, but we like that the acceleration stuck around too. Nobe Cruiser comes with optional M (muscle car) switch.


We’ll throw you a keychain too – oh, and these goodies:

We hope you love owning this car as much as we do. We take pride in our work and wear it proudly. That’s why we go back to that hand-stitched leather again with a car to match. We offer handbags, golf bags, driving gloves, and caps. Each piece is elegantly marked with the Nobe emblem and perfectly matched to your personal Nobe’s color.


Quality as deep as our seats

Go ahead, grab that shining chrome handle and open it up. You’ll swing into this beauty with ease and plop right into a rich leather seat so comfortable you’ll wonder where the tv is. Run your hands down the hand stitched edges and take a second to think “now do I want this in a convertible or hard-top?” We do offer both, but air conditioning and heat are ready to rock and roll regardless.

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