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Executive Summary

Nobe Cars USA Inc. is a mobility tech company that leverages its innovation, design, and engineering to produce affordable, energy-efficient electric vehicles (EV) based on sustainability and eco-friendly practices using carbon composite materials. 

The flagship Nobe 100 is a three-wheel, two-seat zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) that has all the flair of a classic sports car from the golden age of automotive history. Developed in two models, coupe and convertible, it provides consumer engagement on all levels. Nobe’s fun, practical and eco-friendly attributes make it appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers.

By fall 2022, our goal is to launch production-ready vehicles and get them homologated and certified in US. To assist the Company to launch Nobe in America it has partnered with Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates, a renowned and experienced engineering firm known for its “Lean Design®” methodology and manufacturing techniques.

General Information

Founded: 2017
URL: mynobe.com
Roman Muljar, CEO
+372 (56) 866-991
Email: roman@mynobe.com

Current Status / Key Milestones

  • • Three functioning prototypes of Nobe 100GT built
    • over 2000 miles driven; one prototype in Detroit with Munro&Associates
  • Three certificates of EU design patents
  • Proven pre-market fit
    • BBC positive review of Nobe  2019 Geneva Car Show
    • 1400+ published articles & reviews of Nobe
    • CNNBusiness featuring Nobe cars (April 8, 2021) Read more
  • Nobe 100GT coupe principal design completed, first pre-production car under construction.
  • R&D factory facility functioning in Tallinn, Estonia
    • Global Engineering Team working in Tallinn


It has been recognized world wide that the automotive market is dominated by oversized, overpowered and not eco-friendly vehicles that are cumbersome to drive in large urban markets and costly to maintain. And many of them look all the same in design & style.


Nobe cars are affordable, light, energy-efficient electric vehicles (EV) based on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Nobe is a three-wheel, two-seat EV that has all the flair of a classic sports car from the golden age of automotive history.


Coupe N100

  • 3 or 2 seat configurations 
  • Three wheel drive
  • Projected 160 mile range 
  • 85 mph maximum 
  • 0-60 < 6 sec 
  • Lightweight carbon composite chassis and body parts 
  • Efficiency driven by weight & size
  • Larger than a smart car
  • Fits two airline or golf bags
  • Easily rechargeable on 110/240
  • Classified as auto-cycle, built as an automobile


Nobe 100GT = $25,000 USD (above)

Nobe’s Automotive Standards

  • Regenerative ABS brakes
  • Adjustable air suspension
  • Air suspension safeguard  for anti-roll
  • Airbag built in the seat belts 
  • Carbon fiber composite chassis
  • Frontal/rear crumple zones 
  • Doors with side impact bars

Business Model, Marketing & Manufacturing

We plan partnering with a tier one auto manufacturer to accommodate the assembly of Nobe cars. We will maintain our R&D facility in Estonia for design and limited production. Over five years, we anticipate ramping up to 50,000 units annually achieving $1.5 billion in gross revenue.

Our marketing strategy will focus on a factory direct sales model in the United States, rolling out one major market at a time, starting in Southern California – the commuter and sunshine capital of America. We will expand into other top-priority US markets; then enter Europe and Asia with a similar model. We will capitalize on the 300+ automotive editors who contributed to the 1420 Nobe articles and leverage celebrity endorsement and media placement.

In addition, our business plan will include building market success through a focus on B2B sales and leasing including upscale hoteliers, corporations, and drive-share industries. For businesses, Nobe creates brand awareness and product differentiation, while promoting sustainability, a shift in awareness most companies advocate.

Corporate Advantage & Competition

The corporate advantage for Nobe Cars USA is its ability to innovate, design and engineer timeless world-class EVs that create consumer engagement for any fit-for-purpose application (whether it will be for Nobe or for non-competitive corporate entities). Product advantage will always be linked to engagement and sustainability.

  • German Design Council Award 2020
  • BBC reviewed Nobe at 2019 GIMS

Indirect competitors include small cars to which Nobe 100GT is actually larger than a Smart Car but twice as efficient. Direct competitors include companies that have received >$180M market valuations: Sonders (3 seater); Archimoto (2 seater/no doors) & Solo Mechanica (1 seater). Competitive advantages vs. competition include:

    • Nobe stands alone with its NEW CLASSIC award-winning design and features that are timeless vs. competition with their “futuristic” design.
    • Nobe is entering a marketplace where competition spent millions to establish.

Management Team – Nobe Cars USA, Inc.

  • Roman Muljar  CEO: Founder and Chief Executive 
  • Mati Otsmaa COO, US Director: +30 years in Management & Strategy
  • Tom Koger  CFO: +30 years in Evaluation, Finance & Accounting            
  • Brad Weir  CMO: +30 years including Digital, Social Media, Promotion
  • Anthony Luzi EV Advisor: Expert in the field of EV development and distribution
  • Peter Vesterbacka, Brand Advisor & Investor: Founder Angry Birds 

Management Team – Nobe Cars USA, Inc.

  • Roman Muljar CEO: Founder and Chief Executive
  • Walter Rowntree  Chief Financial Officer
  • Andrus Viirg Chief Networking Officer 
  • Peter Vesterbacka Brand Advisor & Investor: Founder Angry Birds
  • Sandy Munro Lean Design and Lean Manufacturing: Munro & Associates
  • Paul Giopis Financial planning and business development

Engineering Team – Tallinn, Estonia

  • Meelis Merilo Founder, Head of Engineering
  • Eero Tamre Founder, Chief Engineer
  • Olivier Chabilan Founder, Integration Engineer
  • Kristjan Eenola  Engineer

Our mission is to create fun, practical & eco-friendly driving solutions.

Our mission is to create fun, eco-friendly & sustainable driving solutions.

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