Thank you for your interest in investing in Nobe Cars USA. Like you, we see that Nobe’s timeless designs, simplicity and sustainability, all combine to embody an overall love of life creating what will be the most sought after cars available.

As we approach production, we are looking for investors who share our vision to be part of our next round of funding to bring our unique combination of beauty and joy to market. Nobe has not only created its own market other manufacturers have shown themselves to be incapable of entering, it has also broken through the barrier to attract even those buyers who never thought they would consider electric. We are excited about our future, and can arrive there even faster with your support.

Minimum investment starts at 5,000 shares, current value US$11,250. If you are interested in working with us as an investor please send an email to:

We will follow up with the full package of Private Placement Memorandum documents for your review, and are ready to discuss our progress and vision with you.

Thank you for recognizing all that Nobe Cars USA will add to our lives and to our world, and thank you for joining with us to make something truly beautiful.