One of Nobe’s commitments is to build a timeless car. Truly sustainable. A car that never goes out of style. Even in its engineering and features. Retro look and feel, evoking the vibe of a 1960s MGB is combined with a 21 st century sensibility.

All of the undeniable benefits of a pure electric car will make you want to keep Nobe forever. The look and engaging driving experience will never tempt you to trade up.

But what about the ageing of features and specs? It’s typical for those who love a car brand to stick with that brand, but not with a particular car for more than a few years. With software updates, many of the features of the latest cars rolling silently out of the factory can easily be. pushed to the earlier cars. Hardware presents a different problem.

Nobe’s plan is to engineer on the front end (Thanks always to Sandy Munroe’s team for their good work!) so that future hardware upgrades will be backward compatible and easy to install, similar to engineering for ease of manufacturability and ease of repairs. This way, new inverters, upgraded seats, computers, driver-assist features, batteries, battery management systems etc can all be easily swapped in.

Like deciding years later to take an optional package that wasn’t even available when your car was originally built. This is especially important for technologies that are rapidly improving, such as batteries. If a future Nobe car has a longer range battery that tempts you to turn your old friend in for a new one, you’ll also have the option of simply upgrading the old one.

As we finalize our short term and long term roadmaps for raising capital, reaching engineering milestones, touring the prototype to car shows and many communities along the way we’ll be sure to keep you updated with our newsletters. Stay tuned!

We live in exciting times. By the way. Nobe will go public(IPO ) this year. Send your interest to

Roman Muljar / CEO