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Meet Nobe, the EV of the future!

Our aim was to create a “feel-good ride” which spreads joy wherever it goes. With its retro yet modern style, state-of-the-art ECU, ride comfort and sporty acceleration, our Nobe 100 is truly special.

Doing test drives around Estonia and participating at the Geneva Car Show have confirmed that we are definitely on the right track.

On the road, our Nobe 100 is a real head-turner that makes you smile; when it’s parked, people will scurry around to take photos and talk about this unique automotive gem.

At the exhibition, our booth was located between Bugatti and Aston Martin (yep, you read that right!) – and those old, respectable car manufacturers often had to witness people ignoring their booths to come over to wonder at our cute, little Nobe 100 : A new kind of car, clearly. The cute-o-meter goes through the roof. Visiting couples take a seat in the Nobe and start smiling, asking for photos to be taken. Our Nobe oozes joy. And that joy is infectious.

Nobe 100 may look a bit like a toy but it’s a lot more than that: It could be a hobby or a second or third family car, but it also tackles the urban environment and everyday challenges with remarkable ease. Great acceleration, agility, and it’s easy to park – what more could you want from a city car? Plus, its big wheels and all wheel drive makes it a real ATV = ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE.

While in Geneva, we already received advance orders from European and American customers. We are expanding our factory space in Tallinn. We will soon homologate Nobe 100 globally. While we currently use a temporary registration plates, our car is roadworthy in every way.

So far, Estonia has only been home to small motorcycle and bus manufacturers, so in a sense Nobe is the first of its kind. We are a highly motivated team full of alumni from Tallinn University of Technology . Its time to build first,our very own, Estonian car factory.


Roman Muljar, CEO Nobe Cars

Saage tuttavaks – Nobe elektriauto.

Me tahtsime luua “hea tuju autot”, mis oleks omamoodi suhtekorraldaja. Välimuselt retro, hingeliselt moodne, tehniliselt laitmatu, sõiduomadustelt väle ja hea manööverdusvõimega.

Testsõidud Eestis ja osalemine Genfi autonäitusel on näidanud, et oleme õigel teel.

Tänaval pööravad inimesed pead, naeratavad ja lehvitavad. Pargitud auto juurde tullakse pildistama ja juttu tegema, et mis imeloomaga on tegemist. Ja kui kuuldakse, et retrovälimusega elektriauto põhineb noorte inseneride aastatepikkusel kogemusel elektrivormelite ehitamisel ja et veel pobeda Meelis kah pundis , siis noogutatakse tunnustavalt.

Näitusel olime paigutatud Bugatti ja Aston Martini vahele ja vanad auväärsed autotootjad pidid tihti imestunult vaatama, et kõigepealt leiti tee just väikese naksaka Nobe juurde. Uus asi, selge see.Nunnumeeter lendab lakke.

Kui näitust külastati kahekesi, istuti autosse koos, seal juba vaadati teineteisele naeratades otsa ja sooviti pildile. Nobe loob hea tuju ka inimestele, kes autot jagavad.

Nobe näeb välja nagu mänguato, aga sobib nii hobiautoks, teiseks-kolmandaks autoks perre, aga ka maasturi asemele. Kiire minek, hea manööverdusvõime, parkimislihtsus – mida autolt veel tahta. Suured ratttad ja kerge kaal tagavad hea läbivuse iga ilmaga.

Genfis saime tellimusi inimestelt nii USA-s kui Euroopas. Tallinnas laiendame tehasepinda. Belgias seisab peagi ees auto homologiseerimine. Hetkel on meil kasutada ajutised numbris, auto on igati maanteekõlbulik.

Eestis on varem toodetud mootorrattaid ja busse väikeseeriatena, Nobe on esimene omataoline. Meie motivatsioon on suur.On aeg Eestisse esimene autovabrik ehitada.

Roman Muljar, CEO Nobe Cars

Innovative Nobe

Innovation right down to the battery - both of them
Well, that’s odd?
All-Wheel Drive System
We’ll throw you a keychain too – oh, and these goodies:
Quality as deep as our seats
Setting Nobe a bit more apart from the rest is the innovative dual-battery system found in each automobile we make. With the main battery putting the power behind each three-wheeled classic a separate battery provides power for the supporting systems such as light, heat, and the ever present radio so you never miss a tune or turn along the way.

Yes, it is. You’ve already noticed that we only have three wheels. The false story is that we just lost a wheel the day we going to make the car and didn’t have time to get a new one. The true story is the homage we’re paying to the Benz Patent-Motorwagen rolling way on back to 1885.

Every Nobe on the street comes standard with an All-Wheel Drive System to ensure safety in all conditions. There is no need to sacrifice handling and grip, but we like that the acceleration stuck around too. Nobe Cruiser comes with optional M (muscle car) switch.

We hope you love owning this car as much as we do. We take pride in our work and wear it proudly. That’s why we go back to that hand-stitched leather again with a car to match. We offer handbags, golf bags, driving gloves, and caps. Each piece is elegantly marked with the Nobe emblem and perfectly matched to your personal Nobe’s color.

Go ahead, grab that shining chrome handle and open it up. You’ll swing into this beauty with ease and plop right into a rich leather seat so comfortable you’ll wonder where the tv is. Run your hands down the hand stitched edges and take a second to think “now do I want this in a convertible or hard-top?” We do offer both, but air conditioning and heat are ready to rock and roll regardless.






Nobe Models

Nobe 100

Top speed : 110 km/h

Range : 210 km

Battery : 21 kwh Li-On

Other technical info and extras

Three weel drive

Air conditioner

Electric windows

Leather interior

Max power: 54 kw

Max torque: 825 Nm

Nobe 100GT

Top speed : 130 km/h

Range : 260 km

Battery : 25 kwh Li-On to 34 kwh

Other technical info and extras

Panoramic removable sunroof

Three weel drive

Air conditioner

Electric windows


Coffee machine, Umbrella,

Leather interior

Max power : 72 kw

Max torque: 1050 Nm​

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