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Meet Nobe – The Happy Lifestyle Car

It all began with our Beetle. 

It is a classic 1974 version, a super fun car to drive, even in Estonian winters. Then, time began to take its toll, it got a bit rusty, then the heater wouldn’t work. AND it had to be driven daily, so the spark plugs would not foul.

That’s when the idea came – Let’s make a new electric “beetle”! I strongly believe that the determination of one person can make a difference. So – I got to work. 

Nobe was born

At Nobe, we are trying to save the Planet. The average small car, the industry feeds us, still weighs 3,000 pounds – just to move 1 – perhaps 2 –  people. Look at our phones.. sleek, lightweight … think about the path travelled from the 80’s bricks… 

Cars, on the other hand, despite decades of development, are still as big and as inefficient as the ones our grandparents were driving in the 1950s. 

Nobe is  creating the first 1,000 pound car that seats 3 people 

Driving has lost its sense of happiness, cities are more congested, we have less space to drive, and to park. Stress from driving is no fun, and here is where Nobe is different..

With Nobe, Happiness is back!. 

Starting with the big things, like maintenance. Nobe is built to be a strong, simple, durable machine.  Carbon chassis and body panels are made to last.   

Nobe in Estonian means “agile”. And that is what Nobe is; fast, agile, sporty. It will accelerate fast enough at the lights to put a smile on your face,it will reach cruising speed in a blink. 

There is no huge screen in Nobe. You hop in your Nobe to take a break from screens, to spend time in the moment, to connect with your passenger, to enjoy the scenery, and to wave and smile to the children. 

Nobe isn’t just a lifestyle car, it’s a happy lifestyle car. There’s so much under our little hood. Keep reading below to learn more. And welcome to the future of driving. We’re excited for you to bring happiness back behind the wheel.

Roman Muljar, CEO Nobe Cars

Saage tuttavaks – Nobe elektriauto.

Me tahtsime luua “hea tuju autot”, mis oleks omamoodi suhtekorraldaja. Välimuselt retro, hingeliselt moodne, tehniliselt laitmatu, sõiduomadustelt väle ja hea manööverdusvõimega.

Testsõidud Eestis ja osalemine Genfi autonäitusel on näidanud, et oleme õigel teel.

Tänaval pööravad inimesed pead, naeratavad ja lehvitavad. Pargitud auto juurde tullakse pildistama ja juttu tegema, et mis imeloomaga on tegemist. Ja kui kuuldakse, et retrovälimusega elektriauto põhineb noorte inseneride aastatepikkusel kogemusel elektrivormelite ehitamisel ja et veel pobeda Meelis kah pundis , siis noogutatakse tunnustavalt.

Näitusel olime paigutatud Bugatti ja Aston Martini vahele ja vanad auväärsed autotootjad pidid tihti imestunult vaatama, et kõigepealt leiti tee just väikese naksaka Nobe juurde. Uus asi, selge see.Nunnumeeter lendab lakke.

Kui näitust külastati kahekesi, istuti autosse koos, seal juba vaadati teineteisele naeratades otsa ja sooviti pildile. Nobe loob hea tuju ka inimestele, kes autot jagavad.

Nobe näeb välja nagu mänguato, aga sobib nii hobiautoks, teiseks-kolmandaks autoks perre, aga ka maasturi asemele. Kiire minek, hea manööverdusvõime, parkimislihtsus – mida autolt veel tahta. Suured ratttad ja kerge kaal tagavad hea läbivuse iga ilmaga.

Genfis saime tellimusi inimestelt nii USA-s kui Euroopas. Tallinnas laiendame tehasepinda. Belgias seisab peagi ees auto homologiseerimine. Hetkel on meil kasutada ajutised numbris, auto on igati maanteekõlbulik.

Eestis on varem toodetud mootorrattaid ja busse väikeseeriatena, Nobe on esimene omataoline. Meie motivatsioon on suur.On aeg Eestisse esimene autovabrik ehitada.

Roman Muljar, CEO Nobe Cars

Innovative Nobe

Light Micro-Mobility Is The Future of Urban Transport
Sustainability At Our Core
Practicality For Daily Driving
The Most Fun You’ll Have On The Road
Efficiency: At the Intersection of Sustainability, Practicality & Fun

Nobe is more than a stylish ride. We’re showing the world that mobility should, and can be, lighter. Did you know that car standards (called M1) haven’t changed in the last 50 years? Imagine using a phone from 50 years ago today? We don’t think so. The world looks different, and lightweight urban transport is the future. Nobe weighs in at around 1,000 pounds as compared to a normal car at around 3,000. And thanks to technological advances in materials and components, Nobe is incredibly safe to drive. Light is better for the planet, and super fun for you.

Everything we build is based on our value of sustainability. Designed to be a lifetime car, your long-term relationship with your Nobe translates into a much smaller carbon footprint. Compared to internal combustion cars, Nobes are more eco-friendly in manufacturing, operations, and maintenance. Of course it’s all electric, so no used oil or wasteful worn out maintenance parts. Being “right-sized” means using fewer materials to build, and less energy to operate, including a battery that’s ¼ the battery size of other EVs. Lighter cars wear tires slower, putting fewer rubber nano-particles into the environment and our bodies, and you probably noticed we have 1 less tire, a big advantage for the environment. Future improvements of both hardware and software will be backward compatible so you’ll be able to have the latest improvements without needing to buy a whole new car.

Sized for two adults with an optional single rear seat for a third passenger, Nobe is extremely maneuverable. Its small turning radius makes it supremely easy to park – you can even park it vertically on a wall! The cargo space is plenty for daily needs with 200 liters of space in the front bonnet and more room in back plus a luggage rack. The adjustable air suspension and three-wheel drive means the Nobe can handle varied terrain with ease, and the carbon fiber body panels won’t corrode on snowy salty roads, or even on sand!

Fun is the first impression, and it delivers. A three-wheel design enables an engaging driving experience and more feel for the road, especially cornering.  Combined with the instant response of the electric motors it’s like controlling an extension of yourself, not like driving a machine. Designed like a sports car – road hugging and quick – the timeless design makes everyone smile.  Sport mode kicks in when you want unparalleled quickness, cruisy the rest of the time. Nobe is just fun to drive.

Nobe’s efficient design means a smaller battery without sacrificing range or pep. Driving range is added faster when charging. Carbon fiber body panels provide strength while shaving weight. Right-sizing cargo space enhances efficiency – you won’t be lugging around a heavy car that is usually driven with 1-2 people and very little cargo. Parking is a snap, from the wall parking feature to the “tank” turn on the spot mode. Our three-wheeled design is inherently more efficient. It cuts down the complexity of suspension, drivetrain, and manufacturing and allows the Nobe100 to be classified as an autocycle, avoiding the burdens of decades of layered automotive regulations.






Nobe Models

Nobe 100GT

Top speed : 80 mph

Range : 160 miles

Battery : 25 kwh Li-On to 34 kwh

Other technical info and extras

Panoramic removable sunroof

Three weel drive

Air conditioner

Electric windows


Coffee machine, Umbrella,

Leather interior

Max power : 72 kw

Max torque: 1050 Nm​

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